As a lifelong resident of Hollywood; an educator and community advocate, I vow to lead and serve with integrity.



I promise to push to improve our local schools and provide programs to help our families.  I have always participated in issues related to education in our District and will continue to listen to residents and their concerns.  My 42 years working in the Broward County School System gives me the skill and experience needed to be successful in improving our educational opportunities. 


Broward County and Hollywood have come to an agreement that some of the money raised with CRA taxes will come to our neighborhoods in District 2 for affordable housing.  This is something I have long advocated for and am very excited to be able to implement in our neighborhoods.  I have the experience and skills to work with other elected officials and city staff to manage and ensure these monies are put to good work creating affordable housing in our District and others across the city.  


I commit to working to bring better accountability between the police and the community, including the use of body cams, improved diversity training, and no choke holds. Redirecting some of the police budget to nonpunitive programs that benefit public safety and health are steps we need to take to improve our safety net in our neighborhoods of color in particular.  I believe we can have both safety in our community and needed reform.  In the past, I have not been shy about expressing my views where I believe our city and our police can and should improve their policies and actions. 


We have environmental problems that need to be addressed with some serious immediate actions. I would like to  institute a green industrial plan based on the green stimulus recovery package, I have collaborated with many leaders in the City of Hollywood and throughout Broward County to bring about positive change. As a City of Hollywood Commissioner, I will use these collaborative experiences and be in the best position to support ideas that foster economic rejuvenation with an eye on the environmental impact.


The City of Hollywood has addressed this issue in three ways so far,  but certainly more issues need to be addressed. They established a Dunes Restoration working team that made proposals to the city about how dunes can help save our shoreline. Switching sections of the city from septic to sewer has been an ongoing and long term project. Third, our city has been installing storm drains for when King Tides and other high tide events. Certainly more needs to be done, for example addressing insurance issues related to sea level rise, development and redevelopment zoning regulations need revision, building regulations that need revision and support for current residents that are having housing and systemic home issues such as electrical and plumbing issues related water

intrusion. We are seeing only the beginning of a transition in our area. 


This is a big issue in our district. When residents are displaced, they are distressed.  When the positive and connective culture of a community is diminished it leaves long-time residents disillusioned with leadership of City government and local organizations.  Development organizations such as LISC are important for our communities at risk of gentrification.


Voting for me means electing someone to sit on the Commission that reflects her community, has a deep
understanding and commitment to work tirelessly for you and will always have an open door to listening to the needs of our residents. 

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